Lipkin & Apter is involved in nursing home abuse cases and some cases aren't pretty.  

We represent a man who spent his lifetime suffering from an inability to speak, hear and work due to childhood meningitis.  As he aged, he became debilitated to a point where he could no longer get himself to the kitchen table, the toilet or to the shower. Grocery shopping and doing laundry were out of the question. He admitted himself into a nursing home.  

The nursing home received several hundred dollars a day from Medicare.  They were obligated to take care for him and make sure his condition did not deteriorate.   At the nursing home, he developed serious bedsores from lying in the same position day after day in his own waste without being moved or changed by the nursing home staff.  Doctors even instructed the nursing home that actively cleaning, changing and caring for our client would help him heal.  This did not occur and his bed sores worsened.   New sores formed.  He spent the last two-plus years of his life suffering from painful bedsores and infection, basically rotting away in bed.  

Nursing homes can't make the old young, the infirm well, or prevent a resident from dying. However, they should not neglect a resident who is dependent on them for care and sustenance.  The personal injury attorneys at Lipkin & Apter will represent this man's family to the hilt.