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Searching for the right personal injury attorney in Illinois can be overwhelming. Your lawyer will represent you at a stressful time when you are vulnerable and worried. While every injury and case is different, you may find reassurance and wisdom in learning more about what others have gone through. Browse through our list of case results and accident settlements for a better understanding of what the personal injury lawyers at Lipkin & Apter can do for you. Contact us online or call our Chicago, Illinois office for more information.

Wrongful Death of 43 Year Old Fork Lift Driver: Wife and Children To Receive $5,000,000

The personal injury attorneys at Lipkin & Apter were contacted by the widow of a man who had died in a work-related occurrence. IH, a 43-year-old man born in Mexico, came to the US seeking a better life. After a few years working at McDonald's, IH went to a day labor service and was contracted out as a forklift driver to a large food processing company in suburban Chicago. While IH was inside a trailer, a truck driver attached a tractor to it and pulled away from the dock, causing him to fall from the open back of the trailer, to his death. After multiple on-site investigations, viewing surveillance video from inside/outside the dock, reviewing records of the medical examiner, local police and OSHA, we filed a wrongful death suit against 3 defendants. The defendants requested that the wrongful death case goes to mediation, which took 9 hours. After the mediation, the defendants offered, and IH's widow accepted, $5,000,000 to settle the wrongful death case.
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$1,500,000 Settlement: Deadly Tragic Car Accident

The fates of a car carrying 4 young people on their way home at night, a drunk driver, and a truck driver intersected at every motorist’s worst nightmare. Traveling southbound along I-57 in Illinois at midnight, a car crosses the grassy median, and collides into a car approaching in the opposite direction. Seconds later, that car is plowed into by a semi tractor-trailer. The 30 year-old drunk driver and a 19 year old passenger are dead at the scene. A baby has life altering injuries. Motor vehicle insurance and a homeowner's umbrella policy combine to provide compensation to the victims. Lipkin & Apter now turn their attention to the second crash with the semi tractor-trailer.
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Failure to Perform & Interpret MRI Timely Leads to $2,500,000 Cauda Equina Syndrome Settlement

A $2.5 Million medical malpractice case was won by the attorneys at Lipkin & Apter after a doctor failed to have a timely MRI completed, resulting in long-term nerve damage.
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$200,000 Worker Compensation Settlement for Shoulder Injury

AG, a 58 year old housekeeper, was a long time employee of an international hotel chain when she suffered a work related injury. While pulling sheets from a bed, she extended her arm, and felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. Following surgery, restrictions were placed on her lifting. In spite of searching for work, AG could not get a job. After a lengthy period of negotiation, AG accepted a $200,000 settlement which included $35,000 for future medical treatment.
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Worker Collects Both Workers Compensation AND Personal Injury Settlement

While walking in the common dock area, a fork lift driver employed by another company backed up and ran over our client's foot, resulting in a Lisfranc (midfoot) fracture. Here's how this became both a workers compensation and a personal injury claim.
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$950,000 Settlement for Low Speed Car Crash

LD was stopped in rush hour traffic on the Eisenhower Expressway in Chicago when his car was struck by a construction truck traveling less than 5 mph. At first denying injury until knee pain brought him to the emergency room. Litigation followed with a central question being whether LD would actually undergo knee replacement. With medical bills mounting, lost wage claim growing, and the case set for trial early the next year, the insurance company for the construction truck agreed to settle this case for $950,000.
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