Nursing Home & Elder Abuse Attorneys

From our Chicago law firm, the elder abuse attorneys at Lipkin & Apter are dedicated to protecting the elderly throughout Illinois. There is no cost to contact us for a consultation.

If you need an attorney to protect the interests of a parent or child, or are seeking compensation for poor medical care or elder abuse, contact Lipkin & Apter in Chicago. We work with clients throughout Illinois and your case will be handled by a senior attorney with at least 20 years experience in elder abuse law, nursing home negligence and injuries. If you’ve been impacted by elder abuse or nursing home negligence, find additional resources within our Injury Advice section of the website.

As we age, many of our elders will find refuge and safety in Illinois nursing homes and care centers. When elder abuse happens, protecting our loved ones becomes a top priority. Our attorneys specialize in nursing home abuse cases and can help individuals obtain compensation for injuries caused to themselves or their elderly loved ones as a result of someone's abuse or negligence. Whether the injury resulted in long-term medical treatment, disability and pain, frustration and isolation or death -- our experienced team of elder law attorneys may be able to represent you or your loved one’s interests to help secure appropriate compensation.

While all nursing home and elder abuse claims are different, we have helped many individuals and families caught in difficult and life-destroying situations obtain financial compensation. Learn more about our past experience by reviewing our Nursing Home & Elder Abuse Case Results. Call Lipkin & Apter today at (312) 624-9342 to schedule your free consultation with an experienced attorney, or complete the form below.