Getting into an auto accident can be a traumatic experience, given the suddenness with which they occur, and the life changing physical injuries which may result. While you cannot always prevent an automobile accident from happening, there are ways to prepare yourself beforehand to make the unpleasant situation less stressful. The auto accident lawyers at Lipkin & Apter are here to help prepare yourself ahead of time so you're ready if an accident does happen:

Car Safety Equipment

In Illinois the law requires every person, child and adult, to wear a seat belt. If an auto accident were to occur, a seat belt could help save your life and the lives of your passengers. You will certainly not have time to put it on as a dangerous situation occurs. So buckle up immediately when entering a vehicle. You should also know where the air bags are located. Older cars typically have front seat air bags, while newer cars surround passengers with air-bag protection throughout the vehicle.


It is extremely helpful to have a pen and paper handy in the aftermath of an auto accident. You will be able to document critical information about the other vehicle(s), drivers and license plate numbers (etc.). There are a few other forms of paperwork that you will want to have in your vehicle at all times: proof of insurance and vehicle registration. Drivers can face legal penalties for not being able to prove that their vehicle is insured. Illinois’ mandatory insurance law is one of the most significant consumer protection measures on the books. If you are stopped for a traffic violation or are involved in a vehicle accident and cannot provide proof of insurance, your license plate could be suspended and you will be ticketed a $500.00 fine (minimum), for driving uninsured. If your vehicle registration is not up-to-date you may need to share these pieces of information with the driver of the other vehicle or any responding police officers, so be prepared.

What to Carry

Depending on your location, the weather and the situation you are in, carrying these products in your car may be beneficial:

  • Blanket
  • Warm Clothes: Boots, Jacket, Gloves and Hat
  • Camera (or cell phone for pictures)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Medicine
  • Jumper Cables
  • Safety Devices such as a Warning Triangle or Flares

No matter what the situation, always try to remain calm and remember preparing yourself ahead of time could help make the situation less stressful. If injured by the negligence of another driver, Lipkin & Apter has a team of car, truck and motorcycle injury attorneys with the experience and knowledge to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact our Chicago law firm today with any questions you have and remember to be safe on the roads.