The hustle and bustle of Illinois roadways can be enough to keep up with, but there's more to driving in this state than turn signals and speed limits. Knowing and understanding the rules and regulations of the road is vital not only to your safety, but also the safety of others. While some rules seem to be constant (click it or ticket!) there are newer and more complicated regulations for Illinois drivers to abide by.

While you might not need to know that in Chicago, IL it is against the law to fish while sitting on a giraffe's neck (really a law!), it is incredibly important to know and understand the latest driving laws put into place in Illinois. The car, truck and motorcycle auto accident lawyers at Lipkin & Apter are here to fill you in so you can stay safe while you're behind the wheel:

  • No cell phones may be used while driving unless they are completely hands-free or being used as a GPS. As of 2014, if you are caught holding a cell phone to your ear while driving, you may be subject to a $75 fine. This hands-free cell phone legislation is aimed at reducing distracted driving and keeping you safe. HB1247

  • Interstate highway speed limits can be raised to 70 miles per hour outside an urban district when the highways have at least four lanes of traffic and a roadway separation between oncoming traffic. While certain Illinois counties can opt out, new speed limits are always something to be watchful for. SB2356

  • Work-zone speed limits carry higher penalties when workers are present. Legally, there are now separate offenses for speeding in work-zones when workers are present vs. when they aren't. HB1814

  • Thinking of passing that stopped school bus because you don't see a police officer around? Think again. Cameras installed on school busses can now be used to catch drivers illegally passing stopped busses. Some school districts are even having automated traffic law enforcement systems installed! SB0923

  • Have you been guilty of driving through a tollway entrance or exit without paying? Do it too often and you could get added to the online hall of shame! The Illinois Tollway can now post the names of drivers with the highest outstanding unpaid tolls on its website. SB1214

As personal injury lawyers serving clients who have been involved in motorcycle, truck and car accidents throughout the state of Illinois, the attorneys at Lipkin & Apter understand how important it is to know and abide by Illinois driving laws. Educate yourself and other drivers you know to help keep our roads safe!