If you've been in an auto accident, it can be difficult to know what to do following the incident. Instead of relying on old wives tales regarding how to properly address an auto accident, it's crucial to understand the most effective ways in which you can react to the situation. We've acknowledged several different myths surrounding auto accidents and discredited them in order for you to know the truth and best practices in dealing with an auto accident or auto-related injury.

MYTH: "It's okay to settle an auto accident on your own with the person who hit you"
FACT: Before making any legal decisions after an accident, you should consult an experienced attorney first, to understand your rights. Just accepting the settlement offered by the insurance company could drastically undervalue your case.

MYTH: "I don't need to share contact information with everyone involved in a car accident"
FACT: After an auto accident, it's imperative that you exchange contact information with everyone involved in the crash. Having more than enough information is better than missing some.

MYTH: "Taking pictures after an accident is enough documentation"
FACT: Taking pictures is an effective way to document an accident, but it's not enough. Write down all of the details associated with the accident, including expenses and any medical care you may have received as a result.

MYTH: "After an auto accident, you should first call your insurance company"
FACT: The first thing you should do after being involved in an au

to accident is seek medical care for any injuries that may have resulted. Once you have been cared for, then you should consult with insurance and legal professionals about the incident.

MYTH: "Your settlement will be the same as someone you know that had a similar injury after an accident"
FACT: Settlements can vary due to many different factors, such as location of the accident, intent, and the source of the injury. It's important to seek legal advice from an auto accident attorney if you believe that you may have a case.

If you've been injured in an accident, it's important to follow these recommendations to ensure that you're handling the incident in the best way possible. Rather than adhering to myths, or basing your decisions on assumptions, understanding the facts can help you make the right decisions if you're ever to be involved in an auto accident-related injury situation.