There are a number of myths regarding personal injury cases, lawyers, and plaintiffs. Rather than finding the facts, some individuals cling to these incorrect beliefs. At Lipkin & Apter, we’ve debunked several of these myths in order to better educate and guide people towards the truth regarding personal injury law.

Larger law firms will get you a larger settlement

Wrong. Hard work, knowledge of the law, good liability and significant injuries are the ingredients of a larger settlement/jury verdict. Lipkin & Apter will provide you with personalized service. You’ll always know who your attorney is, be able to talk with him, and be kept informed of the progress of your case.

Listen to the words of one of our experienced attorneys, Mitchell Lipkin:

"We accept a limited number of cases per year to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of personal service, and the best results. Our attorneys have over 70 years combined experience representing individuals seriously injured in an accident" - M. Lipkin

Minor injuries don’t require a lawyer or medical attention

Often, people make the mistake of not filing a personal injury claim because they believe that their injuries are too minor. The reality is that many times, these types of injuries will require additional medical attention in the future. It’s important that you seek medical attention and a legal consultation if your injury is significantly impacting your life, i.e. lost time from work, ongoing medical visits, restrictions on your activities, etc.

Personal injury attorneys tend to file frivolous lawsuits

This simply isn’t true. At Lipkin & Apter, we only accept a limited number of cases with clients whom we know deserve compensation for their injuries. Frivolous means either insignificant or meritless, the type of case we don’t accept.

You must go to trial to receive compensation

The opposite is true. In fact, most personal injury lawsuits are settled before they proceed to trial. When the facts have been well established and the injury is clear, insurance companies want to settle. Our goal is to obtain fair and reasonable compensation for you in the shortest, most efficient manner.

Personal injury lawsuits take too long to settle

There is no such thing as a quick settlement in the eyes of anyone injured in an accident. How long your case takes to be in a settlement posture depends on the legal issues involved, your medical treatment, the insurance company for the defendant, and the venue (location of court) where your case resides.