What to Do When an Office Workplace Injury Occurs

Workplace injuries of any kind are to be taken seriously and handled promptly. If you fall victim to any type of injury while on the job, follow these steps:

  1. Seek first aid treatment right away from a designated employee or staff nurse. In the event of a potentially life threatening or more serious injury, call 911 immediately.

  2. Notify your employer as soon as possible about your personal injury occurrence and the area or situation that poses a safety risk to other employees.

  3. File a worker's compensation claim so your medical bills will be paid as well as any lost time due to the injury.

  4. Follow up on all medical appointments and communicate your personal injury progress and healing time to your employer.

  5. Pursue worker's compensation legal counsel so you know your rights as an employee and learn if your case poses a lawsuit against your employer.


If you have fallen victim to a workplace injury, contact the personal injury lawyers at Lipkin & Apter for a free consultation.