If you or a loved one has been injured at work, education is key in handling workers' compensation cases. It is always recommended that you speak to a personal injury attorney to further discuss the details of your case and see if you can take legal action. These resources are great supplements to learn more about Illinois workers' compensation and gain a better understanding about what to expect throughout the entire process.

  • Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission (IWCC): This commission resolves workers' compensation cases filed in Illinois between employers and employees. The IWCC offers educational content, answers to frequently asked questions, and important forms pertaining to workers' comp cases in Illinois, all accessible through their site.
  • Disability.gov: For serious and life-altering workplace injuries, disability.gov offers federal resources and tools in order to connect those living with a disability to the support they need, including disability benefits, housing, and healthcare.
  • Workers' Comp Hub: This organization shares state specific workers' compensation resources for the U.S. In addition to accessibility of state-based education, Workers' Comp Hub provides additional support and advocacy for workers' rights.

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