Our law firm is proud of our deeply rooted experience in representing clients who have been involved in auto accident injuries. Lipkin and Apter attorney, Kevin B. Apter, published an article in the Illinois Trial Lawyers Journal, discussing the laws, facts, and legal practice surrounding distracted driving.

Kevin shares insightful evidence about the dangers of distracted driving and the negative ramifications it has on those directly injured due to a distracted driver. Causing over 1.6 million accidents or 25% of total car accidents annually, distracted driving encompasses more than just texting and driving. Kevin shares that this term has shifted to include distractions like changing the song on a playlist, applying makeup, eating while driving, and more.

Although the use of handheld devices varies by state, the Illinois Motor Vehicle Code prohibits the use of Electronic Communication Devices (ECDs) while driving. Kevin gives insights into the legal implications that surround violators of Illinois' distracted driving rules and how practicing attorneys can better leverage those laws and different strategies to win cases for those who have been injured by a distracted driver.

Read the full article "Distracted Driving: The Law, The Facts and The Practice".