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Personal Injury Case Results

Wrongful Death of 43 Year Old Fork Lift Driver: Wife and Children To Receive $5,000,000

The personal injury attorneys of Lipkin & Apter were successful in a wrongful death case for a 43 year old fork lift driver who lost his life in an accident. His wife and children were awarded $5,000,000 to protect their financial welfare.
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Retiree Slips and Falls on Icy Driveway, Fractures Hip - Collects $265,000 Without Lawsuit

A 73 year old retiree from Chicago, Illinois' northern suburbs slipped and fell on ice while taking out the garbage; learn more about how we helped him receive compensation.
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Truck Driver Slips, Injuring Shoulder - Gains $95,000 Settlement

The Chicago personal injury attorneys at Lipkin & Apter understand that sometimes a mixture of patience and perseverance are necessary to get the best possible settlement.
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Injured Deliveryman Awarded $290,000 When Store Owner Ignores Defects

Chicago personal injury attorneys Lipkin & Apter help settle a case where a delivery man slips and falls due to a store's negligence, but is denied payment by the store's insurance.
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64 Year-Old Man Has Slip and Fall at Walgreens’- Lipkin & Higgins Resolves Claim for $135,000.00 Without Lawsuit

Chicago personal injury attorneys Lipkin & Apter Resolve 64-year-old's slip and fall claim against Walgreens for $135,000.00 Without Lawsuit.
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Motor Vehicle Accident – Pre-Existing Injury: $40,000 Without Suit

For pre-existing conditions, Illinois law regarding negligence and personal injury compensation remains the same. When a pre-existing injury is concerned, the defendant does not benefit and the plaintiff is not penalized because of a pre-existing injury,
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