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Worker Compensation Injury Advice

Workers Compensation Benefits Defined

In order for an employee to receive workers compensation benefits, including (medical, disability and permanency benefits) an injury must arise out of his or her employment. That means that the employee must be subjected to a condition of his or her employment that created or constituted an increased risk of injury beyond members of the general public. What constitutes an increased risk of injury is a hotly contested topic and the subject of a significant amount of litigation.
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Office Workers Are Not Immune To Workplace Injuries

While industrial workers may be more likely to sustain an injury, office workers are in no way immune to workplace injuries. Learn more from the attorneys at Lipkin & Apter.
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Workers Compensation in Illinois: An Overview of Your Rights

Understanding your workers compensation rights as an Illinois resident will give you a better idea of what you can do to protect yourself and gain deserved benefits and compensation.
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Targeting the Stigma of Workers Comp Cases

Rather than allowing the stigma of workers compensation cases getting into the way of what you rightfully deserve, it's important that you take the steps necessary to be granted your benefits.
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Medical Fee Schedule for Illinois Worker's Compensation Claims

Help understand the medical fee schedule for Illinois Worker's Compensation claims with the help of the personal injury attorneys at Lipkin & Apter.
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Immigrants as Independent Contractors - Does Calling Someone an Independent Contractor Make Them One?

A large number of immigrants in Illinois are employed in the labor trades and labeled Independent Contractors for financial reasons. Learn more from the attorneys at Lipkin & Apter today!
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