Illinois state authorities have officially closed Somerset Place, a Chicago nursing home. Chicago police say they’ve investigated a number of elder abuse allegations involving physical violence, sexual violence, and drug crimes at Somerset Place. The assisted living facility, which primarily houses mentally ill residents, lost its Illinois Medicaid funding, as well as its license, following repeated incidents of nursing home abuse and patient violence.

Somerset Place, the largest nursing home facility in Illinois, was licensed to hold more than 400 residents, all of whom have been moved to other nursing homes, said Illinois Department of Public Health assistant director Teresa Garate.

Garate said all Somerset Place residents who were moved from the nursing home were assessed for their ability to live in less institutional settings, and 43 were recommended for placement in smaller community integrated living arrangements.

But, she said, the residents had the final say in where they moved, and some of those 43 opted instead to move to other nursing home facilities. "We wanted to have people move into the community, but it was residents' choice," Garate said.

Care Centers Inc., the management firm that helped manage the Somerset Place nursing home, has been named a defendant in over three dozen Chicago, Illinois medical malpractice and personal injury complaints. Since the closing of Somerset Place, Care Centers Inc. has filed for bankruptcy.

Each year, thousands of senior citizens live with the consequences of nursing home abuse, inadequate care, poor supervision, and the failure to properly screen prospective residents to make sure those dangerous, high-risk patients are housed in a more appropriate facility or are closely monitored. Nursing homes and negligent nursing home workers can be held liable for patient abuse and neglect.

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