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Duty Disability and Temporary Total Disability Paid due to Meniscus Tear

The Workers’ Compensation attorneys at Lipkin & Apter were contacted by M.R., a fifty-year-old suburban police officer who suffered a serious knee injury, that ultimately required knee surgery to repair his knee while responding to an emergency call. Lipkin & Apter was repeatedly forced to argue with the insurance company for M.R.’s employer to ensure that he received his temporary total disability (i.e. weekly benefits) while he remained unable to work. Additionally, he pursued a finding of permanent and total disability from the Illinois Pension Board while receiving TTD from Workers’ Compensation-a process that took many months of diligence and patience. Ultimately, M.R. was awarded a Duty Disability monthly pension. Lipkin & Apter was then able to secure for M.R. an excellent Lump Sum Workers’ Compensation settlement over $147,000.00, an amount equal to 40% loss of a person as a whole for permanent disability.
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What Are Your Options When IME Disputes Your Doctor’s Recommendations?

An Independent Medical Exam (IME) is an opportunity for the employer to have you examined by a doctor of their choosing. But the IME doctor is not going to engage you in a doctor-patient relationship. And they may not agree with the treating doctor. Here are your options.
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