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$200,000 To Estate When Nursing Home Resident Dies From Sepsis

Lipkin & Apter was contacted by the widow of a man who developed Sepsis-a severe systemic infection, while a resident at a nursing home, and died several days later. The man had been in the nursing home for ten months, following a stroke. At a Mediation, the nursing home offered only $20,000.00, and thereafter the case was actively litigated. Following depositions of several nursing home staff and testimony by our nursing expert and doctor expert, the nursing home raised its offer tenfold, and the case settled.
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Injuries and Deaths from Preventable Falls at Nursing Homes

Slip and falls are very common in nursing homes. Therefore, a well-run nursing home should be able to provide and maintain proper care to all of its residents, especially those that suffer from physical disabilities or cognitive impairments. While there are laws in place to have handrails and assistive devices like wheelchairs and walkers available to those living in nursing homes, the lack of staff and supervision has made injuries more prevalent and serious. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are one of the leading causes of injury and death in nursing home facilities across the country.
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