Avoiding heavy traffic saves you time, lowers wear and tear on your vehicle, and decreases the risk of a car accident. There are many traffic apps available for smart phone users to better gauge travel times and provide alternative routes, especially during peak driving times like rush hour in Chicago! Explore these top mobile phone apps that can help you avoid thick traffic areas before you drive.

1. Waze

This popular smart phone app is one of the most widely used next to Google Maps. Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app that features real-time updates to map routes and traffic patterns. Some other key features of Waze are:

  • Gas price tracker
  • Traffic conditions
  • Road issue alerts such as construction

2. Total Traffic

If you are located in a metropolitan area like Chicago, Total Traffic is a great choice for those dealing with heavy traffic on a daily basis. This application features an extensive traffic camera network, giving you updated statistics like traffic maps, how fast drivers are moving, and accident coverage.

3. Google Maps

Arguably one of the most popular navigation apps, Google Maps features a full suite of driving information for auto users. Both the free and paid versions feature these combinations of amenities for drivers:

  • Automatic re-routing
  • Lane guidance
  • Transit information
  • Traffic information
  • Real-time updates

Always remember to launch and program your traffic apps before you begin to drive. Steering clear from distracted driving saves lives every day and allows you to be more alert, focused, and safe on the roadways. Learn more about Illinois cell phone restrictions while driving and the facts versus myths about auto accidents, from Lipkin & Apter.