Yes, We’re Open for Business (We Never Shut Down)

The Covid 19 virus has affected every aspect of American life, causing much suffering, both in medical casualties, and economic hardship.

Changes that have occurred in the business world have also affected the practice of law.  Courts in Chicago handling injury cases have been closed for on-site handling of cases since March, 2020. Jury trials will not be conducted, at a minimum, for the rest of 2020.  Yet for some, the practice has not ground to a halt. Lipkin & Apter has been open for business throughout the Covid pandemic.  And we’ve been productive. Old cases have settled, new cases have started, client questions have been answered, depositions take place, written discovery (meaning interrogatories and the production of documents) is ongoing.

Whether from the office or from home, technology allows communication with our clients, with defense attorneys, and with insurance adjusters. Accidents do not take time off during the pandemic, and neither do the attorneys at Lipkin & Apter. If you, a family member or friend have had an accident in the past few months, and are wondering whether you can pursue your case in these troubled times, please call us at (312) 624-9342 for responsive, effective representation.