Covid-19 Pandemic and Court Backlog Prompt Vehicle Injury Settlement

Client E.L. was injured in a vehicle accident when her tow truck driver drove her disabled car into her second car in which she was sitting. E.L. lost work income as well as other damages. Lipkin & Apter negotiated with truck driver's insurance company increasing original settlement offer by almost double. Client agreed to best offer when it was apparent that the Covid-19 pandemic had created a long court trial backlog which would have delayed payment even though it may have been more.
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Covid-19? Yes, We’re Open for Business

Yes, We’re Open for Business (We Never Shut Down). The Covid 19 virus has affected every aspect of American life, causing much suffering, both in medical casualties, and economic hardship. Accidents do not take time off during the pandemic, and neither do the attorneys at Lipkin & Apter.
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