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Personal Injury Blog Posts

Slip and Fall Injury at Chicago Lollapalooza Festival Subject to Open and Obvious Doctrine

In this case an attendee of Chicago's Lollapalooza music festival slipped and fell on a rainy afternoon while exiting the concert, sustaining serious injuries. The plaintiff alleged that the festival sponsor negligently failed to abide by its responsibilities in many ways: failure to have sufficient lighting around exits, failure to place mats over slippery areas, failure to manage the crowd, failure to provide safe means of exiting the Park, and/or failure to cancel the festival. Let's examine this:
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Non Economic Damages in a Personal Injury Case

Several different and separate categories of damages are available in personal injury cases, assuming proof is forthcoming for each category.

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Arachnoiditis – What You Need to Know

Arachnoiditis is a chronic pain disorder caused by inflammation of the arachnoid – a membrane that surrounds the nerves of the spinal cord.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding to Use a Personal Injury Lawyer

From falls to car accidents to animal bites, unanticipated emergency situations can be incredibly stressful. In the midst of the chaos, you may wonder whether you should hire an attorney or if you can handle the situation on your own.

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FDA Will Be More Aggressive in Warning about Medical Device Risks

In January 2016, the FDA announced its plans to take a more aggressive approach to informing the public on medical device safety risks. Learn more about these updates from the attorneys at Lipkin & Apter.
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Minority Groups Underrepresented in Clinical Trials

Representation of minority groups in clinical trials is lacking, leading to biased test results. Learn more from the personal injury attorneys at Lipkin & Apter!
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