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Medical Malpractice Case Results

Failure to Perform & Interpret MRI Timely Leads to $2,500,000 Cauda Equina Syndrome Settlement

A $2.5 Million medical malpractice case was won by the attorneys at Lipkin & Apter after a doctor failed to have a timely MRI completed, resulting in long-term nerve damage.
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$1,275,000 for Wrongful Death of Woman in Hospital Emergency Room

A 71 year old woman's wrongful death in the emergency room of a Chicago area hospital resulted in a $1,275,000 settlement for her husband and children. Lipkin & Apter litigated the case over a nearly three year period when, on the eve of the trial, the defendant offered a sum agreeable to the family and eliminated the risks of going to trial.
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Medical Malpractice Trial: Verdict For Plaintiff - $200,000.00

The medical malpractice attorneys represented a woman who underwent surgery to remove fibroids that resulted in personal injury. Following trial, a verdict in favor of our client for $200,000.00 was achieved.
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$4,000,000 Medical Malpractice Award When Telemetry Unit’s Failed Response Leads to Brain Injury

Nurses failed to respond in time to the dropping heart rate of a patient, resulting in a severe brain injury. Read more about the medical malpractice case from Lipkin & Apter.
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Medical Malpractice: 55-year-old man overdosed on morphine-survives: $100,000 Settlement

After a client overdosed on morphine due to healthcare negligence, the medical malpractice attorneys of Lipkin & Apter earned him a $100,000 settlement. Read about it here.
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Patient Death Leads to $600,000 Medical Malpractice Award After Health Insurer Denies Procedure

A case was sought after by the medical malpractice lawyers of Lipkin & Apter when a client suffered a heart attack that resulted in death. Learn how his insurance denial played a role.
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