The personal injury lawyers at Lipkin & Apter were hired to represent DP, a 28-year-old, part-time office employee who suffered a severe knee injury as a pedestrian when struck by a car making a right-turn in Chicago's Downtown Loop.. After being taken to a local hospital emergency room by ambulance, DP was diagnosed with a fractured patella, or knee cap, the bone covering the knee joint.

DP underwent knee arthroscopic surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and, after a short healing period, participated in extensive rehabilitation for many months. She was unable to work as an office worker for approximately eight weeks.

The lawyers at Lipkin & Apter assisted DP in ensuring that her medical bills were paid, and providing evidence that the offending vehicle was, in fact, being operated by an Uber driver rather than a private car owner. This was significant as Uber maintains automobile liability insurance for its drivers which usually far exceed coverage available to private car owners.

DP recovered nearly completely from her knee injuries but was left with a 2-inch surgical scar.  These injuries did not prevent her from  pursuing her goal of becoming a dance instructor. 

Ultimately, Lipkin & Apter negotiated a $185,000.00 settlement for DP, and reduction of medical liens claimed by Public Aid.  A lien is a right to be repaid by an entity (usually the group health carrier) which has paid medical bills resulting from an accident or the right of doctors, hospital and physical therapy agencies to be paid for their services. As a reduction of liens has the effect of increasing the amount of money an injured person will receive, it is a necessary service that we provide our clients.