Naperville Employees Suffer from Poor Air Quality

AM and LB, 38 and 36 years old, worked as bank loan processors in Naperville, Illinois.  They were referred to Lipkin & Apter by another attorney after developing aggravations of their pre-existing asthma due to breathing dirty air at work. 

Investigating the Workers’ Comp Claims

After investigating their claims, we filed both workers’ compensation claims against their employer and lawsuits against a building maintenance company, a janitorial service, and the janitor’s employer, for failing to maintain the building’s HVAC system and properly clean the office carpet following multiple water leaks and toilet overflows.  We claimed that a dangerous build-up of mold and dust developed in the walls of the office building affecting air quality, triggering respiratory symptoms in our clients.  AM and LB sustained permanent injuries as a result of their exposure to poor air quality.

The Litigations and Depositions

After many months of litigation and several depositions, including co-workers, and physicians, the parties agreed to submit the matter to a Mediation chaired by a retired judge.  Mediation occurs outside the Court process and has as its only goal, settlement of the case.  While non-binding means either party can quit the Mediation and pursue litigation, it is often a way to streamline and resolve a case.

The Air Quality Claim Settlement - $420,000

The attorneys at Lipkin & Apter have successful experience processing mold and toxic tort cases and OSHA air quality restrictions.  In this case, Lipkin & Apter successfully negotiated a settlement of $420,000.  Defendants initially offered a total of only $20,000.  Our investigation and medical testimony proved to the Defendants that our client’s claims were severe and possessed a strong likelihood of success at trial.

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