Nursing Home Abuse Results in Gangrene and Amputation.

Lipkin & Apter’ Chicago personal injury attorneys were contacted by another law firm to investigate possible nursing home negligence circumstances related to a 65 year old resident. The client, who had a long medical history of dementia, heart, circulation, movement and speech problems, developed contractures (progressive clutching of arm to chest) in his left arm over a period of 2 weeks, leading to gangrene in his hand and eventually partial amputation of the hand.

After the nursing home abuse attorneys from Lipkin & Apter spoke with a nursing expert regarding the patient’s care at the nursing home, the vascular surgeon who performed the surgery and from our medical research, we learned that the contractures resulted from blood clots of unknown origin in the patient’s shoulder, which cut off blood supply to his left arm. By the time nursing staff saw the discoloration present in the patient’s arm and referred him to a hospital, gangrene set in and part of the hand had to be amputated.

While our client’s condition worsened at the nursing home, the vascular surgeon was uncertain whether earlier detection of the contractures would have resulted in saving the hand. The resident’s overall medical status was poor, with multiple serious conditions of life threatening nature. In fact, the patient died within several weeks of the amputation due to heart problems.

The blood clots did not result from any wrongdoing by the nursing home, but due to the patient’s poor circulation and very restricted movement.

Successful Resolution: $75,000

The man was survived by an adult son, who brought the nursing home negligence case against the nursing home. During the course of mediation, preliminary to trial, the son accepted $75,000 in settlement of the case.

Nursing home abuse and negligent care are among the most disheartening of legal cases. The personal injury lawyers at Lipkin & Apter work diligently to stand up for the protection of patient care, and would like to speak with you during a free consultation if you or someone you love has suffered due to poor care.