Was the nursing home abuse a result of not following the doctor's order?

The Illinois nursing home abuse attorneys of Lipkin & Apter represented a 66 year old Alzheimer’s patient who was allowed to spend a weekend at her family’s home despite a doctor’s order stating she should remain in the nursing home for observation following a fall. Our client’s family was never told of the doctor’s order. While at her family’s home, the patient got up in the middle of the night and fell down stairs, suffering a brain injury which required surgery.

Successful Resolution: $300,000

We were able to settle the nursing home abuse case for $300,000, despite our client having died of cancer (unrelated to her case) about 1 year after the fall at home.

Nursing home patients rely on communication between their facility and their family to ensure that proper care is taken, both inside and outside of the nursing home. If care instructions are not properly communicated, the nursing home’s negligence can result in traumatic injuries. To learn more about how the lawyers of Lipkin & Apter can assist with your case, contact our Chicago office to schedule a consultation at no cost to you or your family.