The Personal Injury Attorneys at Lipkin & Apter were contacted by G.B., a 64 year old, retired man who slipped and fell on a patch of ice located underneath a roof overhang and gutter at a suburban Walgreens’ store. G.B. was walking back to his car with his purchases in his hands when he fell on the dark and slick patch of ice that had formed on Walgreens' sidewalk.

As a result of the fall, G.B. suffered a torn right rotator cuff (shoulder) and a fracture in his right hand and ultimately had to undergo surgical repair of the shoulder injury and weeks of outpatient physical therapy. Further, because of the right hand fracture and the presence of the splint and case placed on G.B.’s hand to stabilize the fracture, G.B. could not have his shoulder surgery as promptly as he would have liked and could not participate in physical therapy with the vigor his surgeon would have preferred.

Immediately after being retained by G.B., we notified Walgreens’ that our client had suffered a serious set of injuries and was engaged in a lengthy period of medical treatment as a result of the fall. Our attorneys met with the client at the site of the fall in order to take pictures and gain a better understanding of how the incident occurred.

During the course of the next several months, G.B. completed his medical treatment and physical therapy. We then collected G.B.’s medical bills and records and presented Walgreens’ with a settlement package of documents and demand. Following a brief negotiation, we were able to resolve the claim to the benefit of our client in the amount of $135,000.00.