Personal injury lawyers from Lipkin & Apter of Chicago, IL represented a workers compensation client who fell through a trap door that had no warning signs. Read more below to learn how we earned this legal client a seven-figure settlement!


Does workers compensation cover fall through access shafts’ unmarked trap door?

Our workers compensation attorneys represented a 39 year old cable repairman was working in a utility shack atop a 17-story Illinois apartment building. He fell through a trap door of a six-foot access shaft while attempting to retrieve a two-way company phone.

The access shaft had guard rails/walls on all sides. There were no warning signs against entering the access shaft, or stepping on trap door, which our client thought was solid, concrete sub-floor. As a result, our client fell eight feet to the hallway stairs below, resulting in multiple fractures of his leg. Knee replacement surgery will be required in the future.

Permanent restrictions prevent this young man from returning to a cable job. He now works in loss prevention for Sears, at $8.00 per hour less than his former job.

Successful Resolution: $1,500,000

Our client was awarded $1.2 million for his personal injury case. He received an additional $300,000 for his workers compensation claim.

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