Lipkin & Apter’ dedicated personal injury lawyers represented a client that had not received workers compensation benefits for three years, despite having surgery to repair injuries caused by a work-related accident.


Does Injured Tow Truck Driver Get Illinois Workers Compensation Settlement After Three Years?

The lawyers at Lipkin & Apter took over the representation of a 31 year-old man from downstate Carbondale, Illinois, who was injured working as a tow-truck driver. He eventually required neck surgery to repair a herniated disc.

The accident occurred in 2002. We took over the case from his former attorneys in 2005. He had received no Illinois Workers Compensation benefits during that entire three-year period. We prepared the case for trial and notified the employer’s insurance company and defense attorneys of our intention on going to trial as soon as the Court would allow.

Successful Resolution: $80,000

On the eve of trial, the insurance company agreed to pay the full amount of weekly workers compensation benefits owed to our client, more than $30,000 in medical bills, and $50,000, representing 25% permanent disability.

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