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Does Illinois Nurse Win After Three Workers Compensation Accidents?

Our law firm was referred a 49 year old woman from another law firm, who injured herself in three separate work accidents. The client was a nurse with a Master’s Degree, working in an administrative capacity for a local hospital. We had all 3 workers compensation cases consolidated, and tried them at the Workers Compensation Commission in Chicago at one time.

In case #1, our workers compensation client was at a meeting with a male doctor who became angry and started to physically threaten our client. In order to protect herself she threw up her hands, and in so doing, fell from her chair, to the floor. She immediately developed low back pain, and was soon diagnosed with a herniated lumbar disc, undergoing surgery. She was off work approximately 3 months.

Shortly after her return, our client was riding in an elevator at the hospital, which began traveling the full course of hospital floors without stopping or the doors opening. The elevator struck the top and bottom of the elevator shaft with enough force to cause our client to lose her balance and fall to the floor. Her back pain returned and again she underwent surgery. She was off work approximately 8 months.

In the 3rd workers compensation claim, her first day back at work she was on the main stairway of the hospital, attempting to exit, when she was accidentally struck by a co-worker, knocking her down the stairs. Our client’s back pain again returned.

Additionally, our client began experiencing psychological symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorder, and depression. She came under the care of a psychiatrist, who was of the opinion that because of her physical and psychological problems, our client would be permanently disabled from work. The hospital denied any responsibility for our client’s medical bills, time lost from work, and permanent disability.

The workman’s compensation case proceeded to trial, where we convinced the arbitrator to award our client the complete benefits which we sought: full payment of her medical bills and duty to pay future medical and psychiatric bills; compensation for the entire period she was off work, dating to the first accident, and permanent disability (ie. monthly benefits) for the remainder of her life.

Successful Resolution: $1,000,000

The total value of her workers compensation case, if she lives until her life expectancy based on U.S. Government life tables, amounted to more than $1,000,000. Our client’s employer appealed the cases to the full Workers Compensation Commission, which affirmed the trial court’s decision on all issues. The employer paid all benefits due and owing and will continue making monthly payments to her for the rest of her life.

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