The workers compensation attorneys of Chicago’s Lipkin & Apter understand that many of our clients travel for work, which puts them at risk of suffering work-related personal injuries while outside of Illinois. We represented a client who suffered a serious injury while in another state for work, and got him the settlement he deserved!


Can truck driver injured in Nevada obtain Illinois Workers Compensation settlement?

Lipkin & Apter' workers compensation attorneys were retained by a 50 year-old Illinois car hauler/truck driver, who fell from his truck to the ground while attempting to tie down an automobile in Nevada. He suffered a torn right rotator cuff and a hip fracture. Both injuries required surgery. Despite the personal injuries caused by the fall, our client missed only 16 weeks of work. Lipkin & Apter developed a legal strategy to ensure that he received proper disability payments for those 16 weeks of lost income, and payment of all medical bills.

Successful Resolution: $80,000

After our client recovered sufficiently to return to his regular job duties, we were then able to reach an $80,000 settlement for permanent injury of his workers compensation claim. Although our client suffered his accident while making a delivery in Nevada, Lipkin & Apter was able to successfully bring his case under Illinois Workers Compensation law, which was more beneficial to our client than Nevada law.

Filing a workers compensation claim can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have experienced legal representation like the personal injury lawyers of Lipkin & Apter. If you have been injured during a worksite accident, contact us to schedule a free consultation.