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Auto Accident Blog Posts

Illinois' Poor Road Conditions

Many factors can contribute to auto accidents and poor road conditions are one of those. The Illinois personal injury lawyers at Lipkin & Apter want to ensure that you are both informed and aware of the state's road conditions.
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Lipkin & Higgins' Attorney Works With Illinois High School Students to Prevent Distracted Driving

As a representative of, personal injury attorney Kevin Apter visits local Illinois high schools to speak to students about how to stay safe on the road and how they can help prevent accidents.
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Facts vs. Myths: Auto Accidents

The attorneys at Lipkin & Apter have acknowledged several myths surrounding auto accidents and discredited them for you to know the truth in dealing with an auto-related injury.
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Keeping Teens Safe on the Road

Automobile crashes are the #1 cause of death among 15 to 20 year olds. Here are a few things that parents and guardians should consider before letting their loved one operate a motor vehicle.
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Winter Driving Tips

Living in the Midwest, we're no stranger to adverse winter weather conditions. Read through a list of tips that encourage responsible, safe driving during the winter months from the pesonal injury attorneys at Lipkin & Apter.
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New Cell Phone Restrictions from Illinois Lawmakers

As of January 1, 2014, it is illegal to use handheld devices while driving in Illinois; the Chicago accident injury lawyers at Lipkin & Apter explains this law in more detail.
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