Did you know that what you say and do immediately after a car accident can have a decisive effect on the outcome of an injury case, should one be pursued?  The auto accident lawyers at Lipkin & Apter are here to tell you that statements made to the other driver, police officer, witness or ambulance personnel about your auto accident can be admissions which could be used against you at trial. Remember that all statements are "on the record." Be careful only to say what you mean to say.

Here are a few tips from our auto accident injury attorneys:

Things You Should Do After An Automobile Accident:

  • Promptly see a doctor or go to a hospital if you are injured.
  • Follow all recommendations and prescriptions of your doctor.
    Exchange insurance information with all other drivers involved in the car accident.
  • Record the name, address and telephone number of any witnesses.
  • Keep a disposable camera in the glove compartment of your car. Take photographs of your injuries, if possible while you are in the hospital as well as at home. Although these are highly personal in nature, such photographs are true and accurate depictions of your condition, and persuasive to a jury. Remember that trial may not occur for several years after your accident, at a time when the jury may only see you appearing to be normal and healthy. Take photographs of any damage to either the inside or outside of your car.
  • Report accident to police and to your own insurance company.
  • Notify your place of employment if you are unable to work.
  • Seek representation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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Things You Should Not Do After An Automobile Accident:

  • Give a statement to the other driver's insurance representative outside of the presence of your attorney.
  • Accept settlement with the other driver's insurance company without first consulting a car accident lawyer.
  • Withhold information from your car accident lawyer as to how the accident happened, the injuries you received, or your pre-accident medical condition. All discussions with your attorney are privileged and cannot be disclosed.
  • Exaggerate the real extent of your injury from the accident, stay off work when it is not medically necessary, or receive more medical treatment than is necessary.

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