Getting injured during or as the result of an accident is an unfortunate scenario, but one that we deal with on a regular basis; in some personal injury cases, wages are lost as a result. If you've been injured in an accident, it's important to first receive medical attention. Then, after you’ve been checked out by a medical professional for any injuries, it’s crucial to contact a team of personal injury attorneys. You will be tasked with proving any lost wages and time after an injury. Below, the attorneys at Lipkin & Apter have elaborated on some of the key factors to consider before and during the case period.

Document lost income

To prove that you've lost income as the result of your personal injury, it's important to keep documents and files of any previous paychecks or invoices. You will be required to demonstrate the amount of work that you've missed; this can usually be the simple process of requesting and collecting information from your employer. After the amount of work that you've missed has been established, you will be required to prove how much income you've lost. Often, the most difficult distinction to make in a personal injury case isn't who's at fault, but rather the exact damages that are owed to the plaintiff. If you've diligently documented any and all financial information since your accident, you'll have a better chance of recovering any and all lost wages.

Know what's recoverable

To recover lost wages, the accident must have had a direct correlation to the injury that's taken place that prevents you from working. If you had a pre-existing injury that has been aggravated as the result of the accident, you can still recover the full amount of lost wages. But what exactly will be considered "recoverable" when it comes to getting you the compensation you deserve? Well, it comes down to income lost as the result of being unable to work, as well as time missed while undergoing treatment for any injuries incurred. This right to reimbursement applies not only to full-time workers but part-time, seasonal, and self-employed individuals as well.

If you've been injured in an accident, you're entitled to any missed time and wages that have been lost as a result of your injury. In order to have the best chance at gaining back lost wages, it's important that you contact an experienced personal injury law firm. At Lipkin & Apter, we'll work with you to ensure that you get back any lost wages as a result of an injury at the hands of someone else.