The personal injury lawyers at Lipkin & Apter are often asked, "How much is my case worth?" With over 20 years of experience, our attorneys have worked with a number of clients in various practice areas, and have come up with some basic factors that go into a legal evaluation in determining the value of your case:

(1) How certain is liability in your specific personal injury case?

(2) What are your injuries?

(3) Do you have any pre-existing injuries/conditions? This may/may not decrease you case's value, and may even increase the value.

(4) What type of medical treatment have you received?

(5) For how long did you receive medical attention?

(6) How much are your medical bills (regardless of whether paid by you or an insurance company)?

(7) How much time did you miss from work?

(8) What is the amount of insurance for the defendant? Yourself?

(9) How long were you prevented from engaging in your regular social, recreational and family activities?

(10) Will you require medical treatment in the future?

(11) Are your injuries permanent in nature?

(12) How do you present yourself to others- are you likable? Appealing? Straightforward? Nervous?


Answers to these questions can change over time. For example:

• A witness, long missing, may be located by an investigator.

• Medical treatment sought to be avoided may become inevitable.

• Medical treatment may/may not have the desired effect.

Most personal injury attorneys avoid suggesting the value of a case to a client early on, because we can't control events and don't know what your future holds. All attorneys are, or should be, willing to discuss with you the value of your case as time goes on and their reasons for believing the value of your case with you.

In the end, your personal injury case is unique to you and your circumstances, and you will have to make a decision to accept settlement or go to trial. From our Chicago, IL law firm, we have represented clients throughout the state of Illinois and look forward to discussing your case with you.