Timeliness in a personal injury case, specifically one in the state of Illinois, is essential. Below, the attorneys at Lipkin & Apter have compiled a few reasons why filing a personal injury case quickly is essential.

There's a statute of limitations in Illinois

According to the Illinois statutes of limitations, there are different limitation periods for different types of claims. Failure to file suit within this period is grounds for dismissing the case so the earlier you contact the litigation attorneys at Lipkin & Apter, the better protected you will be.

The details will be easier to remember

By looking into a potential personal injury claim immediately after an accident, the details will be much clearer to both you and anyone that may have witnessed the event. If you take too long to look into the situation, crucial evidence in your case might have already been lost. To get the most out of any witnesses, it's important to follow up as soon as possible.

You will be backed by attorneys with a track record of success

By acting quickly and contacting an Illinois-based attorney after you've received necessary medical attention, you'll have a much better chance of obtaining compensation for any injuries that have taken place. The Lipkin & Apter law office provides free consultations, which can prove extremely useful. We'll assess your unique situation and provide expert legal advice on whether or not your personal injury claim should be pursued. The faster you contact and hire a personal injury attorney, the quicker you can proceed with acquiring deserved compensation for any unfortunate injuries that you've sustained.