Why bother, since the person causing your accident has run away? Because YOUR automobile insurance policy will cover your damages up to the limits of your underinsured motorist (UM) coverage. UM automatically comes with your purchase of automobile liability insurance.

Involved in a hit and run car accident in Illinois? Here's what you need to know… Drivers are required, by law, to remain at the scene of a car accident that they've caused. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, resulting in hit and run scenarios. There are a number of steps that can (and should) be taken in the event of a hit and run car accident.

Step #1: Write Down the License Plate Number
The first thing that you should do after a hit and run accident is write down the license plate number of the car that's fled the scene. While this isn't always possible, knowing the license plate number is one of the easiest ways to track down the driver responsible.

Step #2: Call the Police
Once you've written down the license plate number, (or if you were unable to do so), call the police. While the police aren't able to track down every hit and run driver in the state of Illinois, you'll have documented the accident, which will be useful in pursuing a UM claim.

Step #3: Find Witnesses and Exchange Information
Write down the contact information of anyone that witnessed the accident, or at least saw the at-fault individual drive off. Having witnesses who can attest to the accident will be beneficial if you file a claim or legally pursue your case.

Step #4: Take Notes/Pictures
After any accident, it's always important to document everything you remember from the incident. This includes the time, location, make/model/year/color of the vehicle, etc. This should also include noting traffic conditions and the presence of security cameras.

Step #5: Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney
In the unfortunate instance that the hit and run driver isn't found by the police, you should contact an Illinois personal injury attorney with experience in winning car accident cases for their clients. By hiring a car accident attorney, you may be able to receive compensation for damages suffered during and as a result of the hit and run accident. Experienced lawyers can help you assess the damage and work directly with your insurance company to negotiate an auto injury insurance claim.



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