Tips for Finding the Right Physician or Care Facility

Finding and selecting the right physician or care facility is essential. You want to put your health in the hands of a capable and effective medical professional, so taking the time to research your options should be a top priority. Below, the medical malpractice attorneys at Lipkin & Apter have compiled tips to assist you in sorting through Illinois care providers and facilities to find a health service that’s reliable, well-liked, caring, experienced, and has a professional background.

Places to Look:

  • Illinois Department of Professional Regulation – Review the Illinois medical licensing board to find out if any disciplinary actions have been taken against a licensed medical professional. This can be done through filling out a license lookup form on the website.
  • Federation of State Medical Boards – The Federation of State Medical Boards’ DocInfo website makes it easy for individuals to research specific physicians in Illinois and around the country. Just search by a doctor’s name and state to get started.
  • Illinois Department of Human Services: Health & Medical – Reports of medical malpractice and neglect are often reported to a state’s Department of Health Services. Visit the Illinois Department of Human Services: Health & Medical website to get more information on specific cases that have been filed with the state.
  • National Committee for Quality Assurance – To find out the “ranking” of physicians from around the country, you can utilize the National Committee for Quality Assurance website. The non-profit, nationwide organization is dedicated to improving the quality of health care by reporting on and reviewing licensed medical professionals. This insight can assist with researching physicians and care facilities in your area.

Places to Avoid:

  • Social Media sites – While checking out a medical facility’s Facebook or Twitter page can be informative, you shouldn’t rely on Social proof to select a medical provider. Posts on Social Media can often be misconstrued or untrue, so it’s best to stick with the facts.
  • Local Directories – Local directories often have unreliable reviews that may have been written by a competitor or unknown source. When making such an important decision about your health, it’s important that you look at resources that are factual and proven rather than hearsay or unreliable narratives.


While there’s no “right way” to research and find the right medical provider and facility for your unique needs, there are a number of different places to look. Please consider utilizing the above resources to assist in your search.