Lipkin & Apter was contacted by DH several months after he was involved in a serious car accident, which resulted when the other driver made a sudden left-hand turn as DH was passing through an intersection.

DH already had a lawyer but was unhappy because the lawyer frequently failed to return his phone calls, and DH felt he was being pressured to accept a low ball settlement. 

Cervical Spine Cord Injury

The accident resulted in a cervical spinal cord injury culminating in a 3 level fusion surgery.  While the surgery was successful, DH, a 42 yr old man, was left walking with a permanent limp, limited range of motion, and risk of needing more surgery in the future.

DH incurred nearly $300,000 in medical bills due to this accident.

Underinsured Motorist Claim

The defendant maintained a statutory minimum insurance policy of $25,000 and turned it over immediately after suit was filed. An Underinsured motorist claim was then filed with DH’s own insurance carrier. The underinsured motorists claim (UIM) carrier did not want to settle without conducting a thorough investigation.  Eventually, DH’s surgeon, and 2 other doctors who had treated him years before the car accident, gave depositions.  Their testimony revealed that DH had never treated before the accident for neck problems. DH’s fiancé testified that he was in good physical condition before the accident, and disabled for months afterward. Finally, two co-workers testified that the accident caused DH to work more slowly than before.

$850,000 Settlement

The UIM carrier initially offered around $500,000 to settle, which DH rejected. Following the numerous depositions which occurred, and on the eve of trial of the UIM claim the offer was increased to $850,000, which DH accepted.

Lipkin & Apter Stands Up to Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are entitled to make sure of their obligation before paying out on car accident claims and to resolve claims for as little money as possible.  Lipkin & Apter recognizes it has a responsibility to its clients to forcefully stand up against insurance companies and their lawyers, and obtain the compensation that their case deserves. Our track record over more than 25 years has been excellent as we have earned the respect of our colleagues, opponents, and the Courts. We look forward to speaking with you about your accident case. Contact our car accident attorneys today.