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Case Results

Searching for the right personal injury attorney in Illinois can be overwhelming. Your lawyer will represent you at a stressful time when you are vulnerable and worried. While every injury and case is different, you may find reassurance and wisdom in learning more about what others have gone through. Browse through our list of case results and accident settlements for a better understanding of what the personal injury lawyers at Lipkin & Apter can do for you. Contact us online or call our Chicago, Illinois office for more information.

Respiratory Therapist Collects $250,000 in Illinois Workers Compensation Claim

When a workers compensation injury results in light duty work restrictions, like this case, the personal injury attorneys of Lipkin & Apter can help.
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Nursing Home Maintenance Engineer Receives $200,000 Workers Compensation Settlement

A nursing home engineer settled his workers compensation claim favorably for workplace injuries that required two spinal fusions, causing permanent work restrictions.
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CTA Bus Driver Awarded Nearly $400,000 by Jury for His Injuries Following a Minor Bus Accident

Even a minor bus accident can result in major injuries. How can the personal injury attorneys at Lipkin & Apter help you?
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Auto Accident Attorneys Use Mediation to Win $170,000 Award for Accident Client

The auto accident lawyers at Lipkin & Apter helped a client earn $170,000 through mediation – find out how!
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Auto Accident Injury Claim Resolved Quickly for $100,000

Can an auto accident injury claim be resolved quickly? Let the attorneys of Lipkin & Apter answer that question.
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Auto Accident Settled for $250,000 Without Lawsuit

An auto accident client of Lipkin & Apter avoided filing a lawsuit by settling with an insurance company for $250,000. Contact us today.
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